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Last update; 16th November 2005

welcome to Karman Vortex Streets Club

The aim of this site is only to eager to pursue the beauty of Karman Vortex Streets.

We took by ourselves all movies and pictures except satellite images that are exhibited on this site.


straw (diameter 5.0mm)  

aluminum stick (diameter 7.0mm)


The pictures above are Karman Vortex Streets in a wind tunnel (made by Prof. Satoshi Sakai
Flow visualization was made with joss sticks and slit light.
Note: Other movies and pictures are in water, so we moved objects.
Flow visualization was made with milk paste and  slit light.


What is `Karman Vortex Streets`?

  Karman Vortex Streets is one of the beautiful vortices and has two streets, we can see Karman Vortex streets everywhere. When you saw the river flow, you can see some of them at a pier. On  weather charts we can also see them, and in winter you can see it around cheju (Jeju) islands. If you want to know more, click above.   (now under construction)


  On this section, you can see many movies and pictures we took in test tank. Furthermore you can see what our research is. For example, GMS-5 images and GOES-9 images we gathered, and more peculiar vortices you have never seen. You may be surprise and fall into love vortices. Click above (now under construction)


  If you want to know more about Karman Vortex Streets, you can jump other sites. We gathered many interesting sites about Karman Vortex Streets and cheju (Jeju) island that makes Karman Vortex Streets. Click above.

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It is forbidden that you reproduce, copy, or print and distribute widely the pictures (and movies) exhibited on this site without the owner's permission. But you can use them for the purpose of education or study if you write clearly that you quote from this site.


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